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Chapter 2

Enhancing human enhancement: a legal perspective

by David Shaw
«If enhancement drugs becomes common practice in the workplace, new laws will have to be designed
and implemented.»
«(...)Factory workers might be expected to take pharmaceutical
cognitive enhancers to counteract tiredness and fatigue and enable them to work longer shifts.»

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human enhancement, legal, law, doping, work, pills, pressure, Illustration by Stepanova Natalia
Human enhancement, life expectancy, sustainability, environment, Illustration by Stepanova Natalia


Chapter 1

In Search of the Elixir of Youth

by Indrani Gupta, Kristina Kakalacheva, Enrica Saponara

«Lifespan enhancement could lead to a society where having several consecutive partners, several professional careers, several lives would be considered normal.»
«When the rich will be able to extend their life and the poor
will not, the trench between these two pools will get deeper.»

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Chapter 3

Human enhancement

and evolution

by José Aguilar-Rodríguez and Ali Rezaee Vahdati
«Modern medecine has
considerably reduced the
tragic toll of negative selection, but such achievement of our
industrialized societies (...) bring long-term accumulation of
deleterious traits.»
« Solutions to limit those
delecterious traits will
be based on the use of
combined advances, among
others, of biothechnology,
robotics and nanotechnology.»

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Human enhancement, evolution, medicine, medical care, biotechnologies, solutions, survive, health, Illustration by Stepanova Natalia


Chapter 4

If doping is wrong, why do we love Popeye? Let’s topple talentocracy

by Pieter Bonte
«DOPING is not inherently
unfair. TALENT is.»
« Dopped sportsmen could be considered as « a new category of players, for whom the
bar must be heightened (...) and handicaping rules applied, giving advantage to non-dopped. We already did it for Oscar Pistorius, Tiger Woods, we negociate such
classifications all the time.»

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doping,Popeye, sport,  talentocracy


Chapter 5

Heracles or Icarus: Mythological References in the Human Enhancement Debate

by Trijsje Franssen and Erik Malmqvist
«There is continuity between the myths and the different
views on human enhancement.»
«When enhancement critics
invoke Icarus, they
give voice to the awareness
of danger and
humility in the face of
human limitation
conveyed by that myth
since Antiquity.»
«Proponents of enhancement invoke Prometheus, they express
the marvel over bravery and thrill at transcending boundaries
that this myth has always aroused.»

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Human enhancement,  Heracles, Icarus, mythology, myths, religion, science, Illustration by Stepanova Natalia


Chapter 6

Science and technology, toward enhancing the human condition 

by Laura Cabrera, Xaroula Kerasidou
and Olivette Burton

«These technologically controlled environments can monitor, control and manage many aspects of our everyday lives: from the health and general well-being of senior citizens to air and water quality, atmospheric conditions and our domestic energy consumption.»


«How can we ensure that our technological advances accord with our values?»


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Chapter 7

Playing with the “Playing God”

by Hossein Dabbagh and Elena Andreeva

«If we conclude that respecting God’s will means relinquishing all control over creation, we come into a conflict with another prominent theistic notion: free will. Our bodies are as much as anything a part of God’s creation, yet here we are, apparently in charge of them (and even held responsible for wielding them for good over evil!). How is it possible that the concepts of divine providence and free will can co-exist?»


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Human enhancement, Free will, Religion, Philosophy
human, enhancement, diversity, society, changes, eugenism, conformism, pressure, human engeenering, biothechnologies


Chapter 8

Be the best version of yourself: How individual enhancements can cause social change

by Cynthia Forlini and Tugce Bilgin


«Individuals who do not use different types of human enhancement may find themselves at a disadvantage within a society that values a level of performance that may otherwise be unattainable.» 


«(...)Altering or choosing human traits is inappropriate, not because it changes who we are but because, due to a “lack of imagination”, everyone might choose the same type of enhancement, creating less diverse societies.»


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Chapter 9

Crossing mind barriers – A precautionary approach to neuroenhancement strategies

by Charles Dupras, Linda Jäger, Nakita Frater, Despoina Goniotaki


«With the increasing number and performance of instruments related to brain imaging technologies (e.g., EEG, fMRI), there is a growing risk that the protection of one’s private life and personal information will be challenged.»


«Further tangible future applications include adapting advertisements to consumers’ preferences after reading their minds and gaining access to and taking advantage of health data and intimate thoughts.»


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